We are located in a market were cultures meet...

Here is a bridge between the present and the past of Doha, it is confined to feel the glorious past, present in architecture specially the old walls.... You will be able to read the history of the country, its distinctive past , which expresses the values of the beautiful old life with all its simplicity and intensity.
this market is the oldest in Qatar and Among the gulf countries , it is a testament to a heritage developed by generations and preciously preserved to proudly keep customs and traditions moving from fathers to sons and to increase patriotism a sign of existence and strength over the days and years.
About Damasca One
  • From the heart of the city of Damascus comes a new concept in the traditional Syrian food industry. Located in Souq Waqif, Damasca One has a 450 seats capacity.
  • A modern concept gathering the fragrant of the past and the spirit of the present, away from traditional common Syrian restaurants.
  • Fresh ingredients carefully prepared using hand skilled professional in our delicate Arab way, using a combination of oriental taste and Syrian heritage is our signature.
  • Hot and cold appetizers, traditional platters plus a wide range of desserts and drinks are carefully chosen to complete our menu that present also the famous chicha in variety of flavors.